The Weeks in Charlotte, NC

The Weeks is a band that I have recently discovered and instantly fell in love with. These Jackson, Mississippi natives sure know how to put on a great show and did just that in Charlotte, NC last month!

I don’t think I stopped dancing or other fans stopped crowd surfing from the moment their set began. Some of my favorite songs they played that night were “Sevens,” “Buttons,” and “Blame.” I highly encourage everyone to go check out their most recent album they released titled “Easy” and be prepared to be rocking out in your car all afternoon.

While they only have a few shows left for the year of 2017, they just recently announced a really exciting project and show. They will be recording a live album in Nashville in January, which you can buy tickets to! I can imagine it will be an amazing experience to be in attendance. While sadly, I am unable to attend, I will be blasting their music and looking through pictures from their show and pretending like I am there. Alright, here’s a few photos I snapped while attempting to not dance too much.

Judah & The Lion in Raleigh, NC

SO, I know I have already written a review of a Judah & The Lion concert before and you can read about the show experience here. I had the opportunity to see them again though last weekend when they were in Raleigh, and wanted to make a quick little post and include some of the pictures I took!


It was so much fun getting to see them in concert again and even better this time because I have basically been listening to their music non-stop since their show in Columbia, SC last month. I was so astounded the whole show with how much energy they all have, especially frontman Judah Akers. He is honestly one of the best frontmen I have seen live! He is smiling, dancing and jumping ALL over that stage! They also started a new competition at their shows since the last time I saw them. They divide the crowd in half, one side is Team Nate and the other side is Team Brian. Then, whichever side can sing the chorus of “Green Eyes” the loudest wins, and then Nate or Brian has to crowd surf later on during a song. Sadly, my team did not win, but it was still awesome to see Judah and Brian crowd surf during Take It All Back! And I know next time, Team Nate will have it for sure! This was seriously such a fun show and I smiled the whole three-hour long drive home. I can’t wait to see them in March for the spring Going to Mars tour! Now, enjoy some pictures from one of the best concerts ever.



Blue October in Grand Rapids, Michigan


Blue October is currently on the I Want It Tour and I had the chance to see two of their shows the first week of the tour- one being in Grand Rapids at The Intersection.  I’ve seen them quite a few times now and never get tired of seeing them live! Even if the setlist is the exact same, somehow each show offers a different experience and is unique in its own way. If you haven’t already, go see a show as this is the final US tour in support of their album Home!

The band has come such a long way since they first formed in 1995. Their music has turned from a darkness to a light in a sense. The lead singer Justin Furstenfeld getting sober, among many other life changes with all members, has led them to a place of peace and happiness and their new music truly shows that. Their most recent album Home reflects on their families and simply enjoying life. This band is extremely hard-working and puts on one of the best live performances out there.

The set-list for their show in Grand Rapids featured many songs off of the Home album, as well as some older ones such as “Come In Closer” and “The Feel Again (Stay).” This tour, instead of keeping the same set-list every show, they are interchanging about 3 or 4 “throwback” songs each night. This is extremely special for the fans that have been with them for so long and appreciate all of their music!They also changed up how they perform their well-known song “Hate Me.” Instead of having a full band, it was Justin Furstenfeld and Ryan Delahoussaye performing an acoustic version and I really loved it! It was great to hear a song I’ve been listening to forever, played in a new way.

The crowd, of course, was all in from the moment the show began. It was quite a packed venue and everyone was having a great time singing along to their favorite songs. It’s so awesome just go get to walk around and stand in the back and see how much fun other fans are having singing and dancing and just being happy in the moment. It is also beautiful to see moments of true connection during songs like “Fear” that are extremely meaningful and powerful; you can see how deep the song has truly touched and helped many fans.

The show ended with their song “Things We Do At Night” and some inspirational words to “go live and enjoy your life every single day!” When you leave a Blue October show, you will be smiling and have a boost of motivation to go into the world and conquer every single day. Though the I Want It Tour will be ending in November, they have just announced a European Tour beginning in March. I can also assume there will be more US tour dates announced following the release of their new album, whenever that may be in 2018! There are some exciting things around the corner for this band and you do not want to miss them next time they are in your city!

Trevor Hall in Raleigh, NC

Trevor Hall is currently on The Fruitful Darkness Tour, in support of his new album release, and played at The Lincoln Theater last week. Despite the last minute venue change, a decent sized crowd showed up. It was a night filled with a good spirits, love, and healing. Trevor’s music has the ability to make you enjoy the moment, but also reflect on your life and the world.


I have been a fan of Trevor Hall for as long as I can remember, but this was actually only the second time I’ve ever seen him perform live! It was such a beautiful night and in light of recent events in our country, very much needed. In his words, “we all need to love each other, help each other, and feed each other.”

He opened with the song “The Fruitful Darkness” and also played two other new songs during the show: “My Heart, Your Heart” and “What I Know.” He also played a handful of his older songs, my personal favorite being “Unity.” His music is so easy to connect with and everyone in the room feels a spirit from it.

Trevor also took the time to speak a little about his new album. What he is doing is very unique and I’ve never heard of any other artist doing this. He is releasing the album in four parts, each with three songs on a part. Part I was just released before his tour started, part II will be released in a few months, and so on. He explained he is doing this because often when a new album comes out, everyone is crazy over it for two months then it slowly drifts. This way, every listener has a few months to really dive into a few songs and learn that part of the story. He said it also allows for a year-long conversation to happen between him and the villagers, (what Trevor Hall fans are named) and that thought just makes me smile.

If you can, go see Trevor Hall on this tour! Even if you don’t know his music, the energy in the room and love you will feel will be a great experience. I am thankful that in this crazy world we live in, we have artists like Trevor who truly emanate light and love out into the world. Blessings and love to everyone on this beautiful day.

Mutemath at Music Farm in Charleston, SC

I had way too much fun for it to be just a Wednesday night in The Holy City. The alternative rock band, Mutemath, was in town playing a show a part of their Play Dead Live Tour. The crowd slowly trickled in and enjoyed the tunes of Romes and Colony House in anticipation of Mutemath starting their set. Everyone was in for a long night of dancing, singing and jamming out at this high-energy show!


As soon as Mutemath began playing, the energy in the room heightened. The front of the crowd had the biggest smiles on their face and were vibing right along with frontman, Paul Meany’s energy and dance moves. The whole band was jamming out and you could tell they were having a great time playing and enjoying the moment. It was a very intimate show and Meany showed a lot of love to the fans. He even went into the crowd for a song so he could dance with everyone and give some hugs! You could feel the happiness and love circulating in the room.

They have an electronic-alternative-rock sound, which is provided by synthesizers and unique instruments such as the keytar. Their sound isn’t just electronic music nor is it just rock; they have the perfect blend of multiple genres and that is why they attract so many fans. I also loved that the whole band wears white while playing. This is so all of the projections and colors pick up on their clothing as well. I’ve never seen a concert with so many unique images and videos playing. The lights, music, and feeling of the crowd- everything was wonderful! Their music is fun to dance along to and easy to immediately connect with. Whether you’ve been a fan since their debut self-titled album, or their most recent album “Play Dead” you felt like you have been a fan forever.

Mutemath had so much energy and played for two hours- I was tired and I wasn’t even performing! I was blown away how they were still jamming out and harder than they had been at the beginning of their set! After playing their encore songs, the crowd chanted for one more song and they did just that! People that had headed for the door quickly turned around to enjoy one last tune. It was such a rad night of dancing and jamming out; if Mutemath is coming to a city near you, get a ticket and attend one of the most fun concerts you’ll ever go to!



Judah & The Lion at Music Farm Columbia


This past Thursday, alternative group Judah & The Lion put on an eclectic, high-energy show in Columbia, SC at the Music Farm. The crowd started to form a line around 4 o’clock and it was an endless amount of people going in the doors until J+TL took the stage. The night was filled with smiles, crazy dance moves, sing-alongs, inspirational words and the feeling of being surrounded by family!

About the Artist

Judah & The Lion is an alternative band based out of Nashville, TN. Their unique sound combined with their love of performing is what makes this band so unique and popular. They intertwine so many diverse sounds in their music; folk, hip-hop, pop and more! Their latest album release is the deluxe version of Folk Hop’n Roll- and it is just that. You can tell they have their live performances in mind when they create these fun songs for the crowd to dance along to. The Going to Mars tour has just begun recently and they have already sold out multiple shows! This independent band’s success is inspiring and continues to grow- it will be amazing to see where they go from here!


The Concert 

The venue was a packed room of happy concert-goers and the crowd went all of the way to the very back wall! Judah & The Lion took the stage and opened with a cover of “Booty Wurk” and I knew I was going to absolutely love this show. Frontman Judah Akers said “You’re a part of this show just as much as we are” and he truly meant it; telling the crowd to dance more, sing louder, and to have a fun night just like the whole band was! I was upfront photographing for the first three songs and I don’t think they ever stopped dancing!  The crowd became more and more hype with every song they performed and the energy level in the room continued to rise.

The setlist could not have been more perfect! Many of their songs off of Folk Hop’n Roll were performed, that being their newest album. They also played some throwbacks off of their older albums as well as an amazing cover of “Mr. Brightside” which made my younger self so very happy. Their music is so unique and it was so amazing to be able to watch them perform live, especially watching the banjo player, Nate Zuercher, absolutely kill it. They, of course, do have some calmer songs too where they’re not dancing all over the stage, but that doesn’t mean others can’t dance on their stage! During their song “Back’s Against the Wall” two Irish dancers came onto the stage and performed a beautiful dance! I used to be a dancer, so  I especially loved watching these two art forms combine during a live performance! They said “We love going to concerts and we love playing concerts” and you could just feel the absolute love and passion for music in the room.

J+TL  opened the second half of the show with “Suit and Jacket” one of their popular hits. After a few more songs, Judah went into a long speech saying they are there to create a space for so many diverse people walking in the door with different stories, cultures, spirits, political views etc. and at these shows, everyone is family. This led into  “Going to Mars” which hyped the crowd back up, but the words he spoke truly stuck with me and resonated in my mind during that whole song. At the end of the song, he stated: “When you leave this concert tonight, you can do whatever you want in your life.” I love when an artist is not just there to perform songs and go to the next city; Judah and The Lion are there to play great music, have fun and support their fans as much as the fans support them.

Judah asked the crowd multiple times throughout the night if they were still sweating, to ensure everyone was still dancing along to the music and having a great time! To end out the show, they played their popular hit “Take It All Back” followed by a two-minute dance party! They came back out for an encore and played a few more songs as well. This was one of the best concerts I’ve been to recently; the crowd was amazing, the band was amazing and it just made for an all-around fun time! I left the show with a huge smile on my face and reinspired to just go out and enjoy life! If Judah & The Lion is coming to a city near you, I highly recommend going to their show- you will not be disappointed!


If you would like to view more of my photos from this concert, you can go on over to my Weebly account!

Ed Sheeran in Charleston, SC

The one and only Ed Sheeran has been on tour for months now and finally made his way to the East Coast! He performed for thousands at the North Charleston Coliseum this past Tuesday and I am still grinning thinking about the “Perfect” show. I have been a fan since his debut album in 2011, but this was the first time I have ever had the privilege of seeing him perform live and it will certainly not be the last time!


Panoramic view of the crowd waving lights during “The A Team”

It was a packed house for this show and you could feel the energy ripple through the crowd as everyone sang and danced along with Ed’s tunes. Though it is an enormous venue and he is just a solo act, you could hear him loud and clear all of the way in the back of the coliseum. The moment that Sheeran stepped onto the stage, the crowd erupted in screams and cheers and this continued throughout the entirety of the concert! He made sure to let us know more than once, that we all should be singing as loud as possible (even if you don’t know the right words) and every fan did just that!

Sheeran played for two hours straight and it felt as if his set would never end- in the best possible way! Opening with “Castle on the Hill” set the tone for the rest of the tone for the rest of the night; to enjoy this moment with your loved ones and have a happy evening dancing and singing.  The setlist, of course, included popular favorites such as ” The A Team,” “Sing,” “Don’t,” “Photograph,” and “Shape of You.” He included songs from all three of his albums, though the majority of songs that he played were from his latter two albums. He moved from fast-paced to slow-paced songs and no matter what he was playing, you could hear the crowd still singing along! He ended the set with the extended version of “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” and I never knew how much I needed to hear this song live until it happened. From his rapping to the intense guitar playing, to singing along to the chorus; it was an AMAZING way to end the show and keep the crowd hyped up as they are leaving.

Ed Sheeran kept telling us the goal of the night was to sing so loud and so much that we lose our voices and that goal was definitely met for me! There was not one song I sat down for or didn’t sing along to as loudly as I could. The crowd danced all night as if no one was watching, and I’m sure no one would be because they were watching Ed and the amazing graphics behind him happening throughout the entire show! I did not stop smiling the whole time I was there and Sheeran didn’t stop smiling either! It is amazing how just one man with a loop pedal, a guitar and a microphone can fill an entire room with joy. You could feel his personality and the positivity he was radiating throughout the entire room and I am “Happier” now that I had this experience.

Matthew Mayfield at Eddie’s Attic

If you were in downtown Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend, then I’m sure you caught word of the special two-night event at Eddie’s Attic! Matthew Mayfield was in town to play 40 songs from his catalog and I had the pleasure of catching the show on the second evening on 8/25. This was my fourth time seeing Matthew Mayfield live, but the first time I had seen him as a solo act since 2014. Thankfully, I snagged a ticket just in time before the show sold out!

About the venue

Eddie’s Attic is an intimate venue nestled in an artsy scene right outside of downtown Atlanta. Walking up the stairs to enter the venue, you will find concert bills from many well-known artists who have performed there. Upon arrival, we checked in our tickets, received a number for entry, then went out to their roomy patio and bar area for a quick drink before doors opened. Inside of the listening room, if you have purchased regular general admission tickets seating options are either at the bar or bleachers located in the back of the venue. Never having been to this venue, I was expecting to stand, so the seating was a nice surprise, though I would recommend paying a little extra to reserve one of their many tables in the center of the room! Their staff was extremely attentive from the moment doors opened and checked on us regularly to make sure we had the drinks/food that we needed! This venue is a great spot for acoustic performers and of course to see Matthew Mayfield!

Artist and Performance

Mayfield is an independent artist from Birmingham, Alabama, and his southern roots definitely shine through in his music. He creates a very diverse sound when performing going from a soft, heart-wrenching ballad straight into a rock and roll so with some southern twang. Matthew’s most recent album is titled Recoil featuring the song “Indigo” which he just released a music video for. Watch the video here. 

The setlist was 10x what I expected it to be- I was once again blown away by Matthew Mayfield’s performance! The crowd was immediately silenced when he opened with “The Wolf in Your Darkest Room” and we were drawn in for the entirety of the show. Many favorites from the new album were played such as: “History,” “God’s Fault,” and one of my personal favorites, the more rocker song “Turncoat!” Mayfield also included songs in his set that he had not played in over three years and thankfully, he remembered the words. He made sure to let us know he had to google the words to some of his songs because he has not played them in so long! This erupted laughter across the room as he went on to joke for a minute or two with us. Though this show had more of a sit and listen vibe to it, there were definite sing-along moments especially when he asked us to join in on “Fire Escape.” Following each song, there was a roar of applause from this sold out crowd and you could tell everyone in attendance was appreciative of his music and him sharing it with us that evening.

Photo credit: Amanda Woomer/

Mayfield has the ability to tell a story and take you on a journey with his sequence of songs. He evokes many emotions during one of his shows. The audience will go from laughter to crying tears that are bittersweet at the thought of our lost loved ones during his song “Indigo” which is about seeing those that have passed on once again someday. Matthew Mayfield is a powerhouse both vocally and lyrically and you are lucky if you get to witness his talent live! I know I and many others are patiently awaiting his full fall tour dates to be announced, so in the meantime go check out his new album Recoil and catch him again at Eddie’s Attic on November 16th!