Matthew Mayfield at Eddie’s Attic

If you were in downtown Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend, then I’m sure you caught word of the special two-night event at Eddie’s Attic! Matthew Mayfield was in town to play 40 songs from his catalog and I had the pleasure of catching the show on the second evening on 8/25. This was my fourth time seeing Matthew Mayfield live, but the first time I had seen him as a solo act since 2014. Thankfully, I snagged a ticket just in time before the show sold out!

About the venue

Eddie’s Attic is an intimate venue nestled in an artsy scene right outside of downtown Atlanta. Walking up the stairs to enter the venue, you will find concert bills from many well-known artists who have performed there. Upon arrival, we checked in our tickets, received a number for entry, then went out to their roomy patio and bar area for a quick drink before doors opened. Inside of the listening room, if you have purchased regular general admission tickets seating options are either at the bar or bleachers located in the back of the venue. Never having been to this venue, I was expecting to stand, so the seating was a nice surprise, though I would recommend paying a little extra to reserve one of their many tables in the center of the room! Their staff was extremely attentive from the moment doors opened and checked on us regularly to make sure we had the drinks/food that we needed! This venue is a great spot for acoustic performers and of course to see Matthew Mayfield!

Artist and Performance

Mayfield is an independent artist from Birmingham, Alabama, and his southern roots definitely shine through in his music. He creates a very diverse sound when performing going from a soft, heart-wrenching ballad straight into a rock and roll so with some southern twang. Matthew’s most recent album is titled Recoil featuring the song “Indigo” which he just released a music video for. Watch the video here. 

The setlist was 10x what I expected it to be- I was once again blown away by Matthew Mayfield’s performance! The crowd was immediately silenced when he opened with “The Wolf in Your Darkest Room” and we were drawn in for the entirety of the show. Many favorites from the new album were played such as: “History,” “God’s Fault,” and one of my personal favorites, the more rocker song “Turncoat!” Mayfield also included songs in his set that he had not played in over three years and thankfully, he remembered the words. He made sure to let us know he had to google the words to some of his songs because he has not played them in so long! This erupted laughter across the room as he went on to joke for a minute or two with us. Though this show had more of a sit and listen vibe to it, there were definite sing-along moments especially when he asked us to join in on “Fire Escape.” Following each song, there was a roar of applause from this sold out crowd and you could tell everyone in attendance was appreciative of his music and him sharing it with us that evening.

Photo credit: Amanda Woomer/

Mayfield has the ability to tell a story and take you on a journey with his sequence of songs. He evokes many emotions during one of his shows. The audience will go from laughter to crying tears that are bittersweet at the thought of our lost loved ones during his song “Indigo” which is about seeing those that have passed on once again someday. Matthew Mayfield is a powerhouse both vocally and lyrically and you are lucky if you get to witness his talent live! I know I and many others are patiently awaiting his full fall tour dates to be announced, so in the meantime go check out his new album Recoil and catch him again at Eddie’s Attic on November 16th!

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