Ed Sheeran in Charleston, SC

The one and only Ed Sheeran has been on tour for months now and finally made his way to the East Coast! He performed for thousands at the North Charleston Coliseum this past Tuesday and I am still grinning thinking about the “Perfect” show. I have been a fan since his debut album in 2011, but this was the first time I have ever had the privilege of seeing him perform live and it will certainly not be the last time!


Panoramic view of the crowd waving lights during “The A Team”

It was a packed house for this show and you could feel the energy ripple through the crowd as everyone sang and danced along with Ed’s tunes. Though it is an enormous venue and he is just a solo act, you could hear him loud and clear all of the way in the back of the coliseum. The moment that Sheeran stepped onto the stage, the crowd erupted in screams and cheers and this continued throughout the entirety of the concert! He made sure to let us know more than once, that we all should be singing as loud as possible (even if you don’t know the right words) and every fan did just that!

Sheeran played for two hours straight and it felt as if his set would never end- in the best possible way! Opening with “Castle on the Hill” set the tone for the rest of the tone for the rest of the night; to enjoy this moment with your loved ones and have a happy evening dancing and singing.  The setlist, of course, included popular favorites such as ” The A Team,” “Sing,” “Don’t,” “Photograph,” and “Shape of You.” He included songs from all three of his albums, though the majority of songs that he played were from his latter two albums. He moved from fast-paced to slow-paced songs and no matter what he was playing, you could hear the crowd still singing along! He ended the set with the extended version of “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” and I never knew how much I needed to hear this song live until it happened. From his rapping to the intense guitar playing, to singing along to the chorus; it was an AMAZING way to end the show and keep the crowd hyped up as they are leaving.

Ed Sheeran kept telling us the goal of the night was to sing so loud and so much that we lose our voices and that goal was definitely met for me! There was not one song I sat down for or didn’t sing along to as loudly as I could. The crowd danced all night as if no one was watching, and I’m sure no one would be because they were watching Ed and the amazing graphics behind him happening throughout the entire show! I did not stop smiling the whole time I was there and Sheeran didn’t stop smiling either! It is amazing how just one man with a loop pedal, a guitar and a microphone can fill an entire room with joy. You could feel his personality and the positivity he was radiating throughout the entire room and I am “Happier” now that I had this experience.

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