Judah & The Lion at Music Farm Columbia


This past Thursday, alternative group Judah & The Lion put on an eclectic, high-energy show in Columbia, SC at the Music Farm. The crowd started to form a line around 4 o’clock and it was an endless amount of people going in the doors until J+TL took the stage. The night was filled with smiles, crazy dance moves, sing-alongs, inspirational words and the feeling of being surrounded by family!

About the Artist

Judah & The Lion is an alternative band based out of Nashville, TN. Their unique sound combined with their love of performing is what makes this band so unique and popular. They intertwine so many diverse sounds in their music; folk, hip-hop, pop and more! Their latest album release is the deluxe version of Folk Hop’n Roll- and it is just that. You can tell they have their live performances in mind when they create these fun songs for the crowd to dance along to. The Going to Mars tour has just begun recently and they have already sold out multiple shows! This independent band’s success is inspiring and continues to grow- it will be amazing to see where they go from here!


The Concert 

The venue was a packed room of happy concert-goers and the crowd went all of the way to the very back wall! Judah & The Lion took the stage and opened with a cover of “Booty Wurk” and I knew I was going to absolutely love this show. Frontman Judah Akers said “You’re a part of this show just as much as we are” and he truly meant it; telling the crowd to dance more, sing louder, and to have a fun night just like the whole band was! I was upfront photographing for the first three songs and I don’t think they ever stopped dancing!  The crowd became more and more hype with every song they performed and the energy level in the room continued to rise.

The setlist could not have been more perfect! Many of their songs off of Folk Hop’n Roll were performed, that being their newest album. They also played some throwbacks off of their older albums as well as an amazing cover of “Mr. Brightside” which made my younger self so very happy. Their music is so unique and it was so amazing to be able to watch them perform live, especially watching the banjo player, Nate Zuercher, absolutely kill it. They, of course, do have some calmer songs too where they’re not dancing all over the stage, but that doesn’t mean others can’t dance on their stage! During their song “Back’s Against the Wall” two Irish dancers came onto the stage and performed a beautiful dance! I used to be a dancer, so  I especially loved watching these two art forms combine during a live performance! They said “We love going to concerts and we love playing concerts” and you could just feel the absolute love and passion for music in the room.

J+TL  opened the second half of the show with “Suit and Jacket” one of their popular hits. After a few more songs, Judah went into a long speech saying they are there to create a space for so many diverse people walking in the door with different stories, cultures, spirits, political views etc. and at these shows, everyone is family. This led into  “Going to Mars” which hyped the crowd back up, but the words he spoke truly stuck with me and resonated in my mind during that whole song. At the end of the song, he stated: “When you leave this concert tonight, you can do whatever you want in your life.” I love when an artist is not just there to perform songs and go to the next city; Judah and The Lion are there to play great music, have fun and support their fans as much as the fans support them.

Judah asked the crowd multiple times throughout the night if they were still sweating, to ensure everyone was still dancing along to the music and having a great time! To end out the show, they played their popular hit “Take It All Back” followed by a two-minute dance party! They came back out for an encore and played a few more songs as well. This was one of the best concerts I’ve been to recently; the crowd was amazing, the band was amazing and it just made for an all-around fun time! I left the show with a huge smile on my face and reinspired to just go out and enjoy life! If Judah & The Lion is coming to a city near you, I highly recommend going to their show- you will not be disappointed!


If you would like to view more of my photos from this concert, you can go on over to my Weebly account!

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