Mutemath at Music Farm in Charleston, SC

I had way too much fun for it to be just a Wednesday night in The Holy City. The alternative rock band, Mutemath, was in town playing a show a part of their Play Dead Live Tour. The crowd slowly trickled in and enjoyed the tunes of Romes and Colony House in anticipation of Mutemath starting their set. Everyone was in for a long night of dancing, singing and jamming out at this high-energy show!


As soon as Mutemath began playing, the energy in the room heightened. The front of the crowd had the biggest smiles on their face and were vibing right along with frontman, Paul Meany’s energy and dance moves. The whole band was jamming out and you could tell they were having a great time playing and enjoying the moment. It was a very intimate show and Meany showed a lot of love to the fans. He even went into the crowd for a song so he could dance with everyone and give some hugs! You could feel the happiness and love circulating in the room.

They have an electronic-alternative-rock sound, which is provided by synthesizers and unique instruments such as the keytar. Their sound isn’t just electronic music nor is it just rock; they have the perfect blend of multiple genres and that is why they attract so many fans. I also loved that the whole band wears white while playing. This is so all of the projections and colors pick up on their clothing as well. I’ve never seen a concert with so many unique images and videos playing. The lights, music, and feeling of the crowd- everything was wonderful! Their music is fun to dance along to and easy to immediately connect with. Whether you’ve been a fan since their debut self-titled album, or their most recent album “Play Dead” you felt like you have been a fan forever.

Mutemath had so much energy and played for two hours- I was tired and I wasn’t even performing! I was blown away how they were still jamming out and harder than they had been at the beginning of their set! After playing their encore songs, the crowd chanted for one more song and they did just that! People that had headed for the door quickly turned around to enjoy one last tune. It was such a rad night of dancing and jamming out; if Mutemath is coming to a city near you, get a ticket and attend one of the most fun concerts you’ll ever go to!



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