Trevor Hall in Raleigh, NC

Trevor Hall is currently on The Fruitful Darkness Tour, in support of his new album release, and played at The Lincoln Theater last week. Despite the last minute venue change, a decent sized crowd showed up. It was a night filled with a good spirits, love, and healing. Trevor’s music has the ability to make you enjoy the moment, but also reflect on your life and the world.


I have been a fan of Trevor Hall for as long as I can remember, but this was actually only the second time I’ve ever seen him perform live! It was such a beautiful night and in light of recent events in our country, very much needed. In his words, “we all need to love each other, help each other, and feed each other.”

He opened with the song “The Fruitful Darkness” and also played two other new songs during the show: “My Heart, Your Heart” and “What I Know.” He also played a handful of his older songs, my personal favorite being “Unity.” His music is so easy to connect with and everyone in the room feels a spirit from it.

Trevor also took the time to speak a little about his new album. What he is doing is very unique and I’ve never heard of any other artist doing this. He is releasing the album in four parts, each with three songs on a part. Part I was just released before his tour started, part II will be released in a few months, and so on. He explained he is doing this because often when a new album comes out, everyone is crazy over it for two months then it slowly drifts. This way, every listener has a few months to really dive into a few songs and learn that part of the story. He said it also allows for a year-long conversation to happen between him and the villagers, (what Trevor Hall fans are named) and that thought just makes me smile.

If you can, go see Trevor Hall on this tour! Even if you don’t know his music, the energy in the room and love you will feel will be a great experience. I am thankful that in this crazy world we live in, we have artists like Trevor who truly emanate light and love out into the world. Blessings and love to everyone on this beautiful day.

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