Blue October in Grand Rapids, Michigan


Blue October is currently on the I Want It Tour and I had the chance to see two of their shows the first week of the tour- one being in Grand Rapids at The Intersection.  I’ve seen them quite a few times now and never get tired of seeing them live! Even if the setlist is the exact same, somehow each show offers a different experience and is unique in its own way. If you haven’t already, go see a show as this is the final US tour in support of their album Home!

The band has come such a long way since they first formed in 1995. Their music has turned from a darkness to a light in a sense. The lead singer Justin Furstenfeld getting sober, among many other life changes with all members, has led them to a place of peace and happiness and their new music truly shows that. Their most recent album Home reflects on their families and simply enjoying life. This band is extremely hard-working and puts on one of the best live performances out there.

The set-list for their show in Grand Rapids featured many songs off of the Home album, as well as some older ones such as “Come In Closer” and “The Feel Again (Stay).” This tour, instead of keeping the same set-list every show, they are interchanging about 3 or 4 “throwback” songs each night. This is extremely special for the fans that have been with them for so long and appreciate all of their music!They also changed up how they perform their well-known song “Hate Me.” Instead of having a full band, it was Justin Furstenfeld and Ryan Delahoussaye performing an acoustic version and I really loved it! It was great to hear a song I’ve been listening to forever, played in a new way.

The crowd, of course, was all in from the moment the show began. It was quite a packed venue and everyone was having a great time singing along to their favorite songs. It’s so awesome just go get to walk around and stand in the back and see how much fun other fans are having singing and dancing and just being happy in the moment. It is also beautiful to see moments of true connection during songs like “Fear” that are extremely meaningful and powerful; you can see how deep the song has truly touched and helped many fans.

The show ended with their song “Things We Do At Night” and some inspirational words to “go live and enjoy your life every single day!” When you leave a Blue October show, you will be smiling and have a boost of motivation to go into the world and conquer every single day. Though the I Want It Tour will be ending in November, they have just announced a European Tour beginning in March. I can also assume there will be more US tour dates announced following the release of their new album, whenever that may be in 2018! There are some exciting things around the corner for this band and you do not want to miss them next time they are in your city!

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