Judah & The Lion in Raleigh, NC

SO, I know I have already written a review of a Judah & The Lion concert before and you can read about the show experience here. I had the opportunity to see them again though last weekend when they were in Raleigh, and wanted to make a quick little post and include some of the pictures I took!


It was so much fun getting to see them in concert again and even better this time because I have basically been listening to their music non-stop since their show in Columbia, SC last month. I was so astounded the whole show with how much energy they all have, especially frontman Judah Akers. He is honestly one of the best frontmen I have seen live! He is smiling, dancing and jumping ALL over that stage! They also started a new competition at their shows since the last time I saw them. They divide the crowd in half, one side is Team Nate and the other side is Team Brian. Then, whichever side can sing the chorus of “Green Eyes” the loudest wins, and then Nate or Brian has to crowd surf later on during a song. Sadly, my team did not win, but it was still awesome to see Judah and Brian crowd surf during Take It All Back! And I know next time, Team Nate will have it for sure! This was seriously such a fun show and I smiled the whole three-hour long drive home. I can’t wait to see them in March for the spring Going to Mars tour! Now, enjoy some pictures from one of the best concerts ever.



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