The Weeks in Charlotte, NC

The Weeks is a band that I have recently discovered and instantly fell in love with. These Jackson, Mississippi natives sure know how to put on a great show and did just that in Charlotte, NC last month!

I don’t think I stopped dancing or other fans stopped crowd surfing from the moment their set began. Some of my favorite songs they played that night were “Sevens,” “Buttons,” and “Blame.” I highly encourage everyone to go check out their most recent album they released titled “Easy” and be prepared to be rocking out in your car all afternoon.

While they only have a few shows left for the year of 2017, they just recently announced a really exciting project and show. They will be recording a live album in Nashville in January, which you can buy tickets to! I can imagine it will be an amazing experience to be in attendance. While sadly, I am unable to attend, I will be blasting their music and looking through pictures from their show and pretending like I am there. Alright, here’s a few photos I snapped while attempting to not dance too much.

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